Welcome to the CLL proteome explorer app. This interactive shiny app will help you explore the CLL proteomic dataset and its associations to other multi-omics datasets included in the publication 'The Protein Landscape of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)' by Meier-Abt and Lu et al.

Visualize correlations between protein expressions and RNA expressions

Filter proteins by the protein-mRNA correlations
(This filter only affects the results shown in this panel)

A histogram showing the distribution of protein-mRNA correlations coefficients.
A scatter plot showing the correlation between protein and mRNA expressions of the selected gene in the above table.

In this panel, you can identify and visualize differentially expressed (DE) proteins related to a genomic feature (gene mutation or copy number variation) or demographic feature (sex). The DE list can be used for analyses (e.g enrichment analysis) in other panels.

Identify proteins associated with a specified feature

Samples used for testing
For genomic features, '1' indicates the group of samples with the presence of the selected gene mutation or copy number variation, while '0' indicates the group without the gene mutation or copy number variations.

Filter results
This filter also affects the analyses in other panels that use the list of differentially expressed proteins generated in this panel.
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Gene set enrichment analysis

In this panel, you can perform gene set enrichment analysis on the list of the DE proteins generated in the [Genomic association] panel, to investigate the potential pathway activity changes.

Expression heatmap of differentially expressed proteins

In this panel, you can plot the heatmap of the expression of a list of proteins, specificed in the [Plotting paramters] section to visuaize the protein expression variations among samples

Plotting parameters

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Identify proteins associated with drug responses

In this panel, you can explore the associations between protein expressions and drug response phenotypes

Filter results

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